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Swing Set Maintenance Checklist

Print-N-Play Swing Set Maintenance Checklist

Before Play Season:

  • At the start of play season, check all metal parts for rust or other deterioration
  • To prevent deterioration of materials, remove plastic swing seats and other plastic accessories and take indoors during off seasons
  • Provide your children with a soft landing – proper surfacing is key
  • Replace any deteriorated parts with new parts for compliant play
  • Lubricate metallic moving parts
  • Check all protective coverings on bolts, pipes, edges and corners – replace if loose, cracked or missing
  • Keep your play surface compliant by checking its depth and raking it to avoid compaction
  • Tighten all hardware
  • Sand down any splinters in the wood
  • Replace any deteriorating wood parts
  • Cut off all protruding threaded ends of bolts and other fasteners and remove any sharp edges. Ensure equipment is on level ground, no less than six feet from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage or tree
  • Adjust all swings for a minimum 8'' clearance between the swing and the ground surface
  • Use a water seal on your gym set to protect wood and prevent cracking and warping

During Play Season:

  • Check all nuts and bolts twice monthly for tightness and tighten as required
  • Oil all metallic moving parts monthly during usage period
  • Check all hardware and equipment for sharp edges twice monthly
  • Check swing seats and chains monthly during the usage season for evidence of deterioration
  • Remind your children of safe play rules including appropriate swinging space, sharing with others and being polite to other children

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