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Quality Swing Sets us Apart from the Competition.

The Company


In the early 1980's, the only quality playground set available for backyard play were very expensive, pre-cut wooden play sets. Very few, if any other alternatives were available at that time.

Swing-N-Slide, established in 1985 as America's first do-it-yourself wooden playground manufacturer, has achieved its vision of bringing compliant, fun and value-packed products to both the residential and commercial playground markets. As one of the leading consumer playground equipment companies in the United States, Swing-N-Slide designs, manufactures and distributes do-it-yourself play sets to home centers, hardware stores and play set retailers across the nation. Using its expertise in thermoforming and metal fabrication, Swing-N-Slide manufactures every play set with quality and pride.


Swing-N-Slide's commitment to safety and quality has been the cornerstone of its program to provide children and their families with the safest, most reliable play sets available in the market. With the development of do-it-yourself kits, Swing-N-Slide provides the customer unparalleled value and the unique opportunity to tailor their play set to fit their family's needs and budget.

swing_n_slide_kids_swing_set_manufacturer.jpgOur Vision

Our vision is to design, manufacture and market products which deliver value, fun and functionality to residential properties.

Innovating the way you think about backyard play since 1985.

1988 Introducted the EZ Frame Bracket
  • First Do-It-Youself Kit
  • Great alternative to metal swing sets
1990 Innovation - Designed the First Plastic Slide
  • Cooler than metal slides
  • Lighter weight, easier to install
  • See what's new. Buy slides online now.
1992 Designed First Residential Tube Slide
  • Finally brought the twisting thrill of tube slides to the backyard
  • See our entire selection of slides here
1999 Innovation - First Climbing Rock Wall
  • First simulated rock wall for residential use
  • Realistic Texture and color
2001 Improving on Innovation - Designed the First SpeedWave Slide
  • Deep waves and modern "scoop" design
2006 Revolutionary Rapid-Loc Bracket System
  • Makes building - fast, easy and sturdy
  • No-cut and wood complete kits

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