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Gather your family and friends around this visually stunning play set. The Sherwood play set will stimulate your child's creative imagination with the whimsical, roped swinging bridge, while providing thrills on the swings and slide. Unique stone wrapped tower supports this play set will complimenting your backyard setting.

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  •  Overview 

    Gather your family and friends around this visually stunning play set. The Sherwood play set will stimulate your child's creative imagination with the whimsical, roped swinging bridge, while providing thrills on the swings and slide. Unique stone wrapped tower supports this play set will complimenting your backyard setting.

    Special Features:

    • Premium stained pre-cut lumber
    • Unique stone wrapped tower supports
    • 4 foot deck height with 16 sq. ft. of upper deck space
    • Lifetime warranty Cool Wave Slide
    • Pleated Tarp Roof
    • Deluxe rope bridge entry to upper deck
    • 2 swings and a ring/trap combo with UV plastic dipped chain
    • Can be built without stone post wraps
    • Meets and/or exceeds ASTM standards for backyard residential use only
  •  Specifications 
    • 2-10 years
    Space Requirements:
    • 32' x 29'
    Deck Size:
    • 16
    Deck Height:
    • 48 in.
    Lumber Kit Material:
    • Wood
    Tools Required:
    • Power drill
    • Phillips bit
    • Square
    • Tape measure
    • Socket set
    Lumber Included:
    • All
    Swing Positions:
    • 3
    Occupancy Number:
    • 8
    • Multi/Other
    Item #:
    • PB 8323

    Safety Zone:



    Swing-N-Slide® warrants all of its Play Set kits and accessories to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of 5 years. Swing-N-Slide® warrants its No-Cut and Wood Complete Play Set kits against wood rot and termite damage on structural wood components for a period of 5 years. Cosmetic defects that do not affect the structural integrity of the product, or natural defects of wood such as warping, splitting, checking, twisting, shrinkage, swelling or any other physical properties of wood that do not present a safety hazard, are not covered by this warranty.

    Click here to learn more about our standard warranty.

  •  Reviews 

    1. Sherwood

      Hours of fun for all!

      on 27th Aug 2015

      We have had this play set for 2 years and we love it. Still very stable and has many hours of fun left. I am very pleased with the unit we purchased after many hours of researching this one was the best for what we wanted at the time and holds true still. If and when this ever needs to be replaced I will def be looking at Swing-n-Slide.

    2. Sherwood

      OK, but durability is a question

      on 30th Jun 2015

      OK, I want this to be as complete an assessment as possible so it's going to be a bit wordy. Hopefully you'll find it useful.
      First of all, the shipping. Amazon advertises free shipping but you need to carefully read the notice from Wayfair (the shipper). Free shipping only gets it to your driveway. Unless you make arrangements for the proper tailgate method, you'll be responsible for unloading the kit, all 565 lbs. Including the lift-gate option to the order only added $50, but since it was after the fact, it took three phone calls and three emails to get it squared away, and it slightly delayed delivery. I believe Amazon can do a better job of making this clear when you order. Caveat emptor.
      As to the swing set itself, it arrived as advertised and in good shape. All of the parts were included and arrived undamaged. No wooden parts were mislabeled although a couple were either unmarked or marked indecipherably, but it was very easy to determine what they were. All of the required hardware was included; in fact there was an overabundance of some.
      My daughter and I elected to do the assembly/construction ourselves and, although a number of assembly steps are easy to manage alone, the full assembly and completion is a two-person job. The 12 - 16 hour estimate is pretty accurate, especially if you pre-arrange the parts according to the steps in the instructions. I strongly suggest that you download the assembly instructions beforehand so that you can be properly equipped to start work. Your best friend during the construction will be a good cordless drill/driver with a spare battery pack and an ample supply of number 2 Phillips driver bits (you'll be driving about 900 screws). Beyond what's called out in the instructions, I found the following tools very useful: a step ladder, shovel, post hole digger, deep sockets, wrench, pliers, wire/bolt cutters, small sledge and blocks of scrap wood (for minor alignment adjustments), several screw drivers, a short bar to use for torque leverage (especially if you plan on securing via the corkscrew holders), pencils for marking, drill bits (for opening some of the pre-drilled holes that were a bit too small), rasp, pen knife and a level. Having built many things in my life, I had all of this together beforehand. I'm told that the going rate for having the assembly done by a third party is $400 - $500. If you don't have the tools, you'll easily spend that much acquiring them so you'll have to assess whether you want to undertake this task. Don't let me deter you; it's not hard but you'll be working for the two days. Assembly was straightforward and the instructions (with two exceptions listed below) were easy to follow. The modular nature of the assembly was logical and progress was easy to gauge.
      Now, some negatives:
      I have serious doubts as to the durability of the final product. My grandchildren are 1 and 3 years old and I find it hard to believe that this set will last until age 10 without significant repair/rebuild required. The wood seems too light for that time span under heavy use. The good news is that replacement parts are available (honestly, I think most could be easily duplicated with a better quality of wood as conditions demand). At the very least, I would re-stain/water protect the set on an annual basis.
      The roof attachment is very poor (only 4 screws secure the roof to the frame) and is incorrectly depicted in the instructions. We called for help/interpretation but the woman who responded wasn't any help. She only reiterated what was written in the instructions.
      The biggest problem was associated with the cable securing the bridge assembly to the main housing. The pre-drilled holes in the planking (they're drilled at an angle) are too small to allow the cable provided to be continuously snaked through all of the planks and spacers without unraveling (both sides of eleven planks and twenty spacers). The undressed cable end continually unraveled and there isn't enough cable length to allow you to continue re-dress it. The pre-drilled, angled holes are too small to allow you to dress the cable end with a sleeve. A dressed cable end to facilitate its insertion through the numerous planks or enough cable to allow the end to be continually re-dressed as planks were added would have been the answer. You can buy an additional long cable at your local hardware store to make the assembly (that's what we did) but it should have been properly supplied.
      Now, the final big plus:
      Once the set was completed, it was a big hit with my grandchildren and the smiles were well worth the sweat equity expended. There are a wide variety of activities (slide, swings, two-tiered play house, climbing wall and bridge) and it has had good use for the past three years.

    3. Sherwood

      Nice play set but a pain to install

      on 29th Jun 2015

      My son loves the swing set and compared to others I've seen its decent for the price. But we ran into several snags Putting it together. It took three times longer than the directions said it would. When the set arrived it was also missing several key parts including the actual swings. I called and they shopped me the new parts without question. My main two complaints are that the manufacturer really skimped on areas like the bottom of the play set and that the slide is very cheap and flimsy. The bottom boards around the platform stand were barely long enough to reach each corner so they splintered when trying to install. We ended up buying new 4x4 pieces to replace the 1x4 boards given. The bottom pieces given were more for looks and weren't any type of support. The slide also says it holds 250 lbs but when a small adult less than 150 lbs tried to go down it the nails holding it on the platform ripped out of the wood and the slide bowed out and fell on the ground. We were able to put it back up on a new board but even my 35 lb son makes it bend when he goes down it. So thats probably the most disappointing. I have seen sets half the price with nicer slides. But overall it's a nice set If you're on a budget. Just read all the way through the directions before you start and give yourself plenty of time. Also expect a few trips to the home improvement store.

    4. Sherwood

      A great swing set for the imagination

      on 29th Jun 2015

      Whether your kid loves climbing, swinging, playing fort or playing pirates this swing set has it all. Best of all it was easy to put together and has latest through all kinds of whether.

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