Safety First

Swing Set Maintenance

1. Check all nuts and bolts twice monthly during the usage season for tightness and tighten as required. It is particularly important that this procedure be followed at the beginning of each season.

2. To prevent deterioration of materials, remove plastic swing seats and other plastic accessories and take indoors, or do not use when the temperature drops below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Oil all metallic moving parts monthly during usage period.

4. Check all hardware and equipment for sharp edges twice monthly during usage season and replace them as necessary. It is especially important to do this at the beginning of each new season.

5. Check swing seats and chains monthly during the usage season for evidence of deterioration. Severe rusting or excessive wear, especially near the top swing hanger or at the seat connection are evidence of chain deterioration. Cracks in the protective plastic sleeve or seat itself are also signs of deterioration. If any of these conditions exist, replace swing seat immediately. Replacement Accessories can be purchased through any participating Swing-N-Slide retailer. For a retailer near you click here or call 1-800-888-1232.

6. Use a water seal on your gym set to protect wood and prevent cracking and warping.

Safe Play Guidelines

1. On-site adult supervision must be provided for children of all ages.

2. Be sure to teach children the following before allowing them to use the equipment:

  • Do not walk close to, in front of, behind or between moving items.
  • Do not twist swing or other accessory chains or ropes or loop them over the top support bar. This will reduce the strength of the chain or rope.
  • Do not swing empty seats or other accessories.
  • Sit in the center of the swing seat and other accessories with full weight on seat.
  • Do not use equipment in a manner other than intended.
  • Do not get off equipment while it is in motion.
  • Do not climb on equipment when it is wet.
  • Climbing or hanging on the frame of swing sets must not be permitted.
  • Serious injuries can result from falls.

3. Only one child per planned occupant seat should be allowed on this set at one time. Individual accessory weight limitations may vary, see packaging for details.

4. All climbing ropes must be secured at both ends so they cannot be looped back on themselves. (A rope that is not taut enough may cause a strangulation hazard.)

5. Dress children appropriately for play. Avoid clothing with draw strings and loose fitting clothing which could become entangled or snagged on equipment.

6. Do not attach extra items to the play equipment such as jump ropes, chain, clothes line, pet leashes or other items unless those items are Swing-N-Slide products specifically approved for use with this product. Failure to do so may cause a strangulation hazard.

Safety Compliance

Swing-N-Slide products meet or exceed all applicable United States and Canadian safety guidelines. We are also a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). In fact, Swing-N-Slide actively serves on the ASTM committee designated to develop standards for public playground safety. The result is that Swing-N-Slide is always on the leading edge of industry safety standards.

IPEMA Member

In addition, Swing-N-Slide is a member of the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). IPEMA is a prestigious trade association dedicated to safety in the playground equipment industry.

More Safety Information

For more complete safety information visit our Safety section or check out our Play Set Safety Check List

Swing Set Safety

Swing-N-Slide products are intended for single-family residential use only and not intended for use in any public setting. Placement in any public setting constitutes a misuse of this product.

Safe Assembly Practices

Caution: When building kits, at least two people are required for lifting and holding beams, frames and other heavy assemblies in position before bolting or nailing. Special precautions must be taken when handling treated wood. Contact your local supplier for specific information.

Safety: Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying wood chips when cutting or drilling. Use a dust mask. Blunt nail points to prevent wood from splitting. To prevent splinters, sand the corners, edges, and all points of the wood by wrapping a piece of 80-grit sandpaper around a block of wood and sanding.

Installation Safety - Have you:

  • Consulted the assembly instructions supplied with your particular model?
  • Built the unit per the plans supplied without altering the design?
  • Made sure all hardware is tightened securely? (Supplied bolt covers must also be fastened securely).
  • Using a hacksaw, cut off all protruding threaded ends of bolts and other fasteners and remove any sharp edges with a metal file as needed?
  • Placed the equipment on level ground, not less that 6 feet (1.8 meter) from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines, or electrical wires?
  • Made sure home playground equipment is not installed over concrete, asphalt, packed earth or any other hard surface? (a fall onto a hard surface can result in serious injury to the equipment user.)
  • Verified that suspended ropes and chains (except those used for swings) are secured at both ends so that they cannot be looped back on themselves?
  • Consulted the assembly instructions of your particular model for minimum use zones?
  • Followed all anchoring and shock absorbing surfacing requirements as they apply?
  • Made sure not to allow children in the area during assembly or to use equipment until it is properly installed?
  • Installed only Swing-N-Slide products and accessories approved for use with this product?
  • Saved the plan for future reference?

Required Safety Installation Instructions

According to ASTM requirements, all rope ends must be anchored to the ground. If soil conditions permit stakes to be pulled out easily, cementing into the ground is necessary.In addition, Swing-N-Slide recommends that all units be anchored to the ground.

  • When anchoring unit to the ground use Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It Ground Anchors, for proper installation of Anchor-It Ground Anchors instructions included in the kit must be followed.
  • When anchoring a climbing rope with Anchor-It Ground Anchor, anchor the rope end. For proper installation instructions included in the kit must be follewed.
  • Once the unit is completely assembled and before children are allowed to play on it, proper shock absorbing surfacing material must be installed. This may be accomplished by using loose-fill materials at a sufficient depth. The Consumer Product Safety Commission "Handbook for Public Playground Safety" lists the following materials and required depths that are sufficient for home/residential application. For fall height protection up to 9 ft. (2.742m) [recommended for Swing-n-Slide kits]:
    Loose Fill Material Required (Uncompressed) Depth
    Wood Mulch 9" (229mm)
    Double Shredded Bark Mulch 9" (229mm)
    Uniform Wood Chips 12" (305mm)
    Fine Sand 12" (305mm)
    Fine Gravel 12" (305mm)
  • When properly installed, shock absorbing material will completely cover the horizontal baseboards on climbing units. This protective surfacing must extend a minimum of 6 ft. (1.828m) in all directions from the perimeter of the equipment or from the outermost edges of any component. For example, a slide extending beyond the platform must have protective surfacing at least 6 ft. (1.828m) out from both sides as well as the end. For Swings, the protective surface must extend at least 14 ft. out from both the back and front of the swing when swing is in its resting position.

Please contact your local retailer for pricing and availability. To locate a retailer near you, click here.

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